Sharing stories over coffee, or over a camp fire, or over the phone has been an old tradition. Folk tales at times hold more value than anything written in a book, cause some stories were never meant to be written.

Episode 5


The next challenge in your life is around the corner, and the question is what are you going to do about it? The next wave of events that are out of your control is coming. That’s called life. In this podcast, Ray Brown talks about the next...

Episode 4

Humanity At Precipice Of Change, amid COVID-19

We are living in a different time, that came upon us from left field on an idle Tuesday. These are no ordinary times. This weather we are facing is unlike anything our generation has gone through. The challenges of this weather are not only physical...

Episode 3

How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want podcast is about achieving your goals. How to set them in place. How to see where you are at right now. Money, health, career, life partner are popular things people try to achieve, but not always successful at getting there.

Episode 2

Decoding Deja Vu

Decoding Deja Vu podcast by Ray Brown. This is a podcast that has been a topic of interest for many people including myself.  I’ve been trying to do this for a while now, but things kept coming up!  But here it is now! ...